How we work?

Whether it’s an eye catching brand design, or a search optimised website, our aim is always the same: to help you generate more revenue and grow your business.

Performant mobile apps that will enhance your business.

Your requirements are unique, so we make sure we take time to understand your business: your brand, your products and how and why your customers behave the way they do.

“Highly-functional is the new beautiful.”

Every project begins with Discovery. We run stakeholder workshops to fully understand the problems we’re trying to solve and the factors surrounding them. We need to know what success looks like for your brand and for your customers so we can work towards the most appropriate solutions.

Our process continues to embrace learning throughout the project lifecycle. We never presume to know all the answers, so we’ll constantly research and test our ideas to gain fresh insight for continued improvement. We’ll work with you to manage scope and put together a project plan to outline expectations and responsibilities for the project. We’ll also produce any other documentation that’s essential to the project’s success.

From front-end and back-end, our development team makes sure all the components of a project function just as they are designed. As seasoned experts in content management, Drupal, Responsive design, app development, and more, we’re experienced at saying, “We’ve got this.”

Using best practice techniques we develop sites that are user friendly, functional and engaging. From desktop to mobile we develop across a range of platforms to optimise customer engagement and conversion rates.

Before launching, we do everything we can to ensure that there is a smooth transition. We conduct our full pre-launch check list and make sure that your site is truly ready to start captivating your customers!

Finally its time to release your site into the wild and crack open the bubbly! 

But hopefully it doesn’t end there – we’d like to support you every step of the way as your site evolves.

We provide full support via a Service Level Agreement which covers phone support and fixing any bugs or errors that arise and we also provide a whole range of online marketing services.

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Mobile Application

We design & develop mobile iOS and Android applications that provide businesses an effective mean to reach their customers everywhere they go. Our developers create interactive mobile apps with intuitive interfaces and and custom functionalities.

“We are a one stop shop for all your mobile development needs.”

Apps need to deliver an amazing user experience. The UI of your app extends your brand to create a full-fledged identity.

We speak the languages: All of them. Because each mobile application project has different requirements, we will analyse your individual situation and establish the framework and structure that best meets your needs. We are as comfortable with Windows Mobile as we are with iOS, and our developers are experts at integrating your desires with the realities of effective operation.

We are mobile app designers who love to develop iOS, Android and Windows Phone driven apps with exciting interfaces to toggle around. We dig hard to deliver unimaginable yet timely native mobile app development solutions to our clients with the best & most cutting-edge designing toolkits to enjoy the most thrilling app experience ever.

You can benefit from shorter development cycles and an app that is both iOS and Android covered with hybrid mobile app development. We use the latest technologies, like Facebook’s React Native to bridge the gap between the performance of a native app and the ease of development of a web app.

Website Design & Development

Web Design & Development is baked firmly into our agency’s DNA. It’s how we started. It’s what we do everyday. From planning and strategy to full production launch. From simple to complex. Walk West is the agency you want on your team.

From our roots as a web design and development firm, we have grown and honed our skill set to offer truly unique experiences that solve real world business problems. Solid creative is a given and should always be a given. What we layer on top of our creative is what sets our agency, and therefore your business, apart from the rest. Our websites are handcrafted from the ground up and specifically tailored to your audience while delivering real-time and impactful results.

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You just tell us your app idea and your project requirements and we will make the right plan for your business.


Our approach to design is focused on functionality, easy, clean and intuitive navigation that will keep users engaged.


We use modern, open source frameworks and tools that fasten the development process and facilitate interoperability of code.


We divide your projects into manageable units to offer you full control & sustain continuous improvement.


We commit to keep your website & app to date and upgrade it to upcoming standards, functionalities and technologies.

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We bring your business right at your clients’ swiping fingers!