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Search Simplified: The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

POSTED ON: October 15, 2019

This article will take you through the benefits of  SEO (search engine optimization), and why every business needs it. Salons included.

Everyone needs a haircut. Men, women, kids, there comes a time once a month or two where
everyone needs a barber to cut their hair. It’s easy to find one too. Almost every neighbourhood today has one. It could be a small salon, it could be a part of a big franchise. Needless to say,
they’re not hard to find. But is it easy to find a good one?

You call your friend who lives close to you. He tells you about this place which he or she goes to
regularly. They’re not too expensive. They get the job done. You visit the salon. It turns out to be
a disaster. When another friend moves into the neighbourhood, you know which salon to avoid

The word of mouth is an age old method to attract business. It has existed before the first
computer, before the first telephone. And to date, it continues to exist. Search engine optimization is no different. The only difference, is that instead of asking a friend, you ask a search engine, like Google, or Yahoo.

1) It’s Free

Search engine optimization simply requires you to perform to its algorithm. If you can
decode it on your own, nothing like it. However most businesses rely on agencies to
improve their digital presence. These agencies employ a list of keywords for every
search (salons near me, the best salon in my city, hairstylists, barbers), and then they
create content with such keywords to help you reach the top of every search result. It
doesn’t cost a dime.

2) SEO adds credibility

‘If you read it online, it was probably true.’

We all know that isn’t the case, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking that. SEO articles
help build credibility, if the content you upload is authentic and backs its claims with
data and scientific evidence. The more credible you appear to be, the better it is for
generating leads. In a time when consumers do their research, it’s the best bet.

3) Size doesn’t matter

If you are running a small business, you don’t have to worry about the bigger fish in the
pond. Search engine optimization empowers smaller businesses to operate and
generate leads successfully, with the right strategy involving click-through rate. On the
basis of users visiting your website more frequently, a search engine will position your
website above others, simply because the algorithm knows that those who visit your
website, are satisfied with their experience. The best thing? The size of your
organization has nothing to do with it.

4) Decode your Target Audience

Whether it is creating a website from scratch or updating the one you already have
running, fine tuning it for SEO requires an in depth analysis of your target audience
(what they are looking for, their interests, age, gender). These factors can provide
insight into the kind of content, text or visual, you should add to your website. Adapting
to the needs of the target audience will always put you at significantly greater odds of
being found.

5) Local SEO yields more

More business is right around the corner, literally. Remember the bad salon scenario?
Local businesses, small or medium sized, can benefit greatly from Local SEO. With a
website, contact listing with the search engine (‘Google My Business’ for example),
immediately increases traffic both, on your website and in your place of business.

6) Stay in the long run

It’s easy to get up to speed in the world of SEO, but in truth, it is a marathon. It takes
many weeks and months to get to a desirable listing and establish an online presence.
Keeping in touch with latest trends for SEO, social media, and online content also adds
value and experience around your business.

7) SEO has something for everyone

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, SEO can help it. While in the case of B2C
organizations, there is a larger pool of consumers, search engine optimization in B2B is
more focused, involving a smaller pool of searches. This reduces competition, which
means that you have a better chance of attracting traffic and converting leads. SEO is
therefore, a platform that can benefit any business, even yours!

8) The world is digital (It’s 2020 after all)

Gone are the days when a jingle on the radio can turn your business around. As the
world continues to move towards digital platforms, that is where you want your business
to have presence. SEO is the most affordable and successful platforms that guarantees
a piece of that action to your business. Half of this success comes from being at the
right place at the right time and being relevant to the needs of today. SEO offers all that
and more.

The preparation for tomorrow begins today. As businesses gear up for the new age of
advertising and marketing, the foundations have already been established in SEO
marketing. It is vital for businesses to understand and implement this foundation to stay
relevant, thriving and prosperous in the digital future.

After all, we all need a hairstylist we can trust.

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